Designing Digitalized Workflows with a Deep Product Service Blueprint

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Jul 25, 2023 11:06:45 AM


POEM Global oversees a number of businesses involved in property development and space management, including self-storage facilities (under the brand name REDD) and retail space rentals, with the aim of being at the forefront of premium experiences in space management.

POEM Global tried a number of different SaaS solutions and manual tools for cross-business management. Their goal was to improve their workflow, reduce manual tasks and paper-based documents, and ultimately increase productivity.

POEM wasn’t content with their previous solutions, however. For this reason, they approached Seven Peaks Software and Morphosis for help in finding answers that would allow them to better coordinate efforts across teams and departments as well as integrate their various IT infrastructures together.



Our solution

Management and digital transformation consultants from Seven Peaks met with Poem Global on multiple occasions to provide them with a product service blueprint and conduct a series of workshops covering a wide range of topics to assist them in setting up a digital workflow architecture at their company.

Creating a tailored product service blueprint

  • Digitalize workflows with a deep product service blueprint exclusively designed for POEM Global.
  • Exclusive service with digital workflow design and detailed product service blueprints.
  • Providing product service blueprints and conducting workshops to cover a wide range of topics for an entire digital workflow.


We worked on the following key outcomes for POEM Global:

Improved Workflows

Digitalized workflows with a deep product service blueprint exclusively designed for POEM Global.

Customized    Architecture

We conducted design discovery in order to set up a tailored digital workflow architecture at their company.

Streamlined Operations

Planning and execution of the product service blueprint to streamline and improve operational efficiency.

Our Process

POEM Global approached us with the following goals and expectations:

  • Desire to have one single platform to unify processes and reduce complexity of digital tools
  • Achieve more efficient workflows with reduced manual processing time (automation)
  • Greater visibility for internal management of tasks and responsibilities
  • Reduced documentation process complexity with online tracking of status and physical locations
  • Easy self-task management with using a “ticket-based” system (ie. frequency, reminders, deadline) for all employees
  • Uniformity between office and work-from-home workflows
  • Transition towards more digital processes (ie. e-tax, e-receipts as envisioned by POEM)




The Challenges

Identification of workflow pain points:

  • Time consuming manual activities
  • High risks of manual reporting errors
  • Non-uniform processes (ie. payment date terms, task management, manual reminders, etc.
  • Low efficiency with digital tools (ie. use of Quickbooks software)
  • Paper-based documentation and workflows incompatible with work-from-home situations
  • Lack of consistency in documents & templates formats
  • Low transparency and general business vision, with complex multi-channel communication (ie. suppliers list, customer base, etc.)

Technical problems identified:

  • Task Management – Failure of existing Task Management Software
  • Visibility & Transparency – Notification and “Task History”
  • Operation Automation – Nested Tasks = SubTasks
  • Document Management – Link, Store, Share, Search & Retrieval
Three screens from the mobile version of the poem application


Design Thinking, Technical Recommendations & Deep Product Service Blueprints

Technical problem resolution:

Task Management

Definitions of sequence of task statuses
Definition of action for each status
Definition of the permissions associated with the people involved in the task/ticket

Visibility & Transparency
Pushing notifications over specific actions
Scheduled checks for notification of possible “stuck” situations
Audit of operations associated with tasks, tickets, users, actions and documents

Operation Automation
Automatically provided by Employer Self-Service Portal (ESSP)
Added Decorations by Notification features and Audit features

Document Management
Upload, Download, Link, Sharing, Permissions and Metadata
Limiting document generation to only be allowed for Quotation, Invoice, Receipt, and Tax Certificate
Limiting document generation to only PDF creation as output
Implementing Google Drive for document storage as a “Cost & Time” effective solution


Items developed specifically for POEM’s business model & company structure

Combining Service Blueprint Fundamentals expanded with:

  • Detailed user flows
  • User journey
  • Permissions
  • Features & functions

Defining & Re-defining:

  • Task & subtask steps
  • Roles & permissions
  • Features & functions
  • Relationship mapping
  • Implementing technical architecture improvements to the ESSP
  • Tasks statuses with associated user actions and permissions
  • Permissions per role and per task status
  • Management of task-associated documents and storage (both online and offline)
  • Dependency rules between tasks with nested tasks

While this project is still in the exploration phase, we’re confident that our thorough planning and execution of the product service blueprint will yield the desired result of a streamlined and efficient operation at POEM Global.


About POEM Global

Industry: Retail & Real Estate
Project: Mobile application
Client: POEM Global
Working model: Product team


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