Pinging smart-alerts for users to know their alcohol consumption limits

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Oct 27, 2023 12:08:50 PM


Designing and developing a smart iOS & Android application where users could log their details and get alerts of their blood levels to reduce alcohol consumption

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iOS & Android

Discovery Project


Design & Development

Remote dedicated team


Track of how much you drink! Based on you gender, height and weight, you can enter the type of drink to keep an eye on your blood alcohol level.


Clear color codes indicate when your blood alcohol level is too high, with a easy countdown timer to know when you can drink again.





About Lykkepromille

Students in Norway raising awareness around alcohol consumption via a mobile application where users could log their alcohol consumption details to get alerts & gain awareness of their blood alcohol levels.

Industry: Health-tech
Project: Mobile application
Client: Lykkepromille
Working model: Discovery project

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