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Mar 25, 2024 10:59:40 AM


Leading life insurance provider, Prudential Life Insurance, sought a complete overhaul of their website. In addition to migrating all the content on their website, Prudential wanted to enhance organic website traffic and prepare for future scalability.

The goal was to implement comprehensive SEO strategies covering technical SEO, on-page SEO, localization, and content writing.

Achieved 30 more commercial words

with each keyword ranked in the top 10 on Google search results.

Delivered 90+ pages of optimized content

all content on the website was embedded with SEO.

SEO-optimized content structure

with target keywords, internal links, and relevant topics.

Our Solution

We developed a strategic SEO plan tailored for migrating Prudential’s previous website, including technical SEO strategies. We conducted keyword research to find the target keywords best suited to Prudential’s insurance products.

Additionally, we implemented content localization to appeal to local audiences, and integrated carefully selected keywords to align with Prudential’s international websites.

Our process

SEO audit → Technical SEO → Keyword research → Localization → On-page SEO →
Quality Assurance → Content writing

We started by conducting a comprehensive SEO audit to unveil issues affecting the overall SEO performance of Prudential’s old website. Our examination addressed five key areas: site speed, mobile-friendliness, H1 tags, meta robot tags, and thin content. This allowed us to formulate an SEO strategy that best suited Prudential’s goals to reach their target audience.

The keyword research was a crucial process aimed at helping the target audience discover Prudential’s website more frequently. We identified long-tail keywords with low difficulty that were relevant to Prudential’s insurance products.

The goal was to secure a position within the top 10 search results on Google. This approach worked better than short, competitive keywords with high search volumes, which were shared across many competitors.

Once the target keywords for each web page were defined, we commenced the on-page SEO process alongside content localization from Prudential Hong Kong’s website. We included specific keywords in meta titles, meta descriptions, keywords, OG titles, and OG descriptions. Overall, we worked on over 90 web pages.

To enhance Prudential’s website technical SEO strategies, we crafted articles covering health, lifestyle, investments, and life insurance, incorporating keywords identified during our research. By including these target keywords, while embedding internal links to different products or feature pages, we created an SEO-optimized content structure.SP_Case Study_Prudential_02

Challenges we overcame

1. Increased organic traffic to the website

To boost Prudential’s website ranking and increase traffic, we crafted SEO-focused articles. These articles were tailored to the target audience, and revolved around topics related to the insurance products offered by Prudential.

The content covered health tips, life improvement tactics, future planning, and other key topics that were relevant and helpful to Prudential’s potential customers.

This comprehensive approach enhanced the insurance company’s online presence, while providing valuable content to its audience. SP_Case Study_Prudential_03

2. Ranked Prudential’s website in the top 10 Google search results

Our goal was to optimize SEO on Prudential’s website, particularly its product pages, service pages, and landing pages. After identifying the appropriate target keywords, we created content.

This involved localizing English content provided by the client’s team and refining it to align with Thai consumers’ interests. This meant focusing more on insurance products, like insurance savings plans and critical illness insurance.

After implementing on-page SEO and content localization, Prudential’s website achieved first-page rankings on Google search results for up to 30 keywords.

3. Generated traffic, engagement, and conversions through an extensive content strategy

To ensure that Prudential’s website consistently improves its long-term SEO strategy, our SEO and writing teams collaboratively came up with an extensive content plan. The plan incorporated informational search intent keywords as the primary target keywords for each article.

Upon completion, we presented the plan to the client’s team for review and further refinement. Once everything was finalized, our writing team immediately started creating optimized articles.

The majority of articles we recommended for publication were top-of-funnel content, addressing concerns about health, mental well-being, and lifestyles, as well as financial and investment tips. These articles included references to research studies and used reliable statistical data to build customer trust in the Prudential brand.

After publishing more than 90 pieces of content, the new Prudential website saw a lot more traffic. This didn’t just capture the interest of future customers, but also impacted long-term business ROI, reducing the need for costly advertising campaigns.

About Prudential Insurance

Prudential Thailand provides protection solutions to people through multi-distribution channels - bancassurance, agency, telemarketing, digital and alternative channels including group insurance.

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