Building an App for So Syncd to Help It Secure $1.5 Million USD

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May 18, 2023 3:41:00 PM

So Syncd

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In this dating app development project, Seven Peaks transformed So Syncd’s concept of matching users via personality types into a robust application, helping the app attract and retain users, while achieving the company’s business objectives.

So Syncd, a UK-based dating application originally built with a template, faced issues in functionality, user retention, and scalability. As a result, the app’s owners approached Seven Peaks to create a new minimum viable product (MVP) and iteratively develop a full-featured app that would grow its user base, increase engagement, and boost revenue.

Answering So Syncd’s needs, Seven Peaks crafted a comprehensive strategy. Starting with an MVP, the team iteratively introduced user-centric enhancements, elevating the app’s user experience and fostering user retention. As the user base expanded, the team improved server scalability, monetized the app, and consequently attracted substantial investments.


Key results

$1.5 million USD in investments

So Syncd received $1 million USD in funding after the app launched and $500,000 more after major features were built

400% increase in users

Upon launching a promotional website and adding engaging features and social media shareables to the app

15% increase in engagement

After adding basic functions, like private chat, and engaging features, like polls on users’ profiles, to the app

“Since we launched the new version of the app, we have seen a significant increase in our daily active users. It gave investors confidence in our product, and we closed a funding round shortly after.”
Jessica Alderson – CEO and co-founder of So Syncd


Our process

Seven Peaks initially met with So Syncd to understand the limitations of their previous app and their vision for a minimum viable product (MVP). The team then adopted an agile development process that involved conducting competitor analysis, mapping and prioritizing new features for organic growth, and performing A/B tests to iteratively add features.

This strategy ensured a usable app at launch, followed by continual seamless enhancements.


Information architecture

In developing So Syncd, Seven Peaks collaborated closely with the client to prioritize the app’s feature rollout and UI integration. The team considered the impact and interplay of each current and future feature and function within the app, ensuring the user experience remained intuitive during updates and growth.


Our solution

Personality tests and interactive polls to maximize match potential and boost engagement

Seven Peaks developed a 40-question personality test and an interactive polling system to increase user engagement on the app. The exam identifies users’ personality types, which are used in the app’s matching algorithm and the polls, which are presented on user profiles, provide deeper insights into users’ potential matches, encouraging more meaningful interactions between users.


Streamlined in-app messaging enhances user experience and engagement

To enhance and streamline communication among users, Seven Peaks integrated a chat feature within So Syncd. This crucial functionality removed the need for users to leave the app for conversations. Not only did this keep users on the app but it also significantly enriched the in-app user experience and boosted engagement, helping ensure user satisfaction and continued interaction within the app.



Premium features like Mega Likes, Golden Messages, and more that amplify user control

The team developed a number of advanced features for So Syncd in order to provide users with further control and to make their experience more enjoyable. These include the Incognito Mode for privacy, Golden Messages for starting conversations, Mega Likes for highlighting interest, Incognito Mode for Travel Mode for Location Flexibility, and Incognito Mode for Golden Messages.


Subscription services and onetime purchases to enhance revenue streams

Seven Peaks developed a number of features designed to monetize and increase income for the So Syncd app in order to help the company meet its financial goals. This included building social media shareables to attract new users, a subscription service to ensure a continuous income, and onetime payments to provide users more flexibility in their purchasing options.



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