Encouraging a greater degree of self-service through a unique food & beverage app

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Oct 8, 2021 4:00:00 PM

Encouraging a greater degree of self-service through a unique food & beverage app

Developing a self-service application for Coca-Cola’s high quality coffee brand

Industry: Platforms: Model:

Food & Beverage

iOS & Android

Project Team




UX and visual design

Project team


Self-service application for efficient customer-inquiry management

Mobile application as of 2018 with further updates & ongoing development in progress.

Developing a solution that would contribute to fewer customer inquiries through a greater degree of self-service.

Good coffee requires continuous maintenance of coffee machines, and there was a lack of easy access to the contents of the instructions for use.

CHAQWA Mockup 2


Done by systemically managing the content through a modern content management system

The solution was the development of a self-service solution where CHAQWA systematically manages the content in a CMS.

While end customers gained access to a mobile application where they could choose their machine, get cleaning videos, solve error messages and upgrade their knowledge of coffee.






CHAQWA is Coca-Cola’s high quality coffee brand designed to satisfy a discerning generation of coffee drinkers – serving over 1,500 restaurants with carefully selected coffee blends, good service agreements, and high-quality coffee machines.

Industry: Food & Beverage
Project: Mobile application
Client: CHAQWA
Working model: Project team

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