2.5M THB Savings on Paid Ads with SEO

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Nov 20, 2023 7:32:14 PM


Seven Peaks, a leading SEO agency, was approached by Bitkub, a crypto exchange in Thailand, to help tackle a significant challenge they were facing.

Despite offering competitive services, Bitkub was struggling to gain visibility in search engine rankings, getting outperformed by both local and global competitors.

This lack of online presence made it difficult for Bitkub to attract new customers and solidify its position in the rapidly growing crypto market.

Our solution

To overcome this challenge, Seven Peaks implemented a two-pronged approach.

First, they focused on creating and localizing 66 pieces of high-quality content per year that were search engine-friendly, targeting specific keywords relevant to Bitkub's audience. This strategy aimed to generate trustworthiness and improve organic search rankings.

Second, we executed technical fixes on Bitkub's website to enhance page speed and mobile usability, ensuring the site was Google-friendly.

Key results

500 k monthly organic click

Start-to-date average organic clicks generated.

2.5M THB monthly savings

Savings on paid search campaigns at an average cost-per-click of 5 THB.

Localized 66 content pieces

To be search engine friendly in the span of just twelve months.