Leveraging new design to improve performance for the world’s top football app

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Sep 8, 2020 12:00:00 AM


Working with NorApps to strengthen their web offering by rewriting their website code base and implementing a new design to drastically improve performance

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Bringing modern solutions to one of the most popular sport apps globally.

NorApps is a product company in Norway that powers one of the most popular sport apps globally, FotMob.

We worked with NorApps first and foremost to strengthen their web offering by completely rewriting their website code base, implementing a new design and drastically improve the performance.


Technology used



The challenge

The biggest challenge was maintaining the legacy code base while working on a new one, refactoring all the shaky bits and ensuring the quality of the overall product. Another challenge was improving the performance of the website.


The solution

Since FotMob already has strong internal technical competence they decided on our extension model in order to increase their capacity and be more productive while saving cost.



Extension teams

We set up an extension team working on FotMob including full stack React and Node.js developers and quality assurance engineers to make sure the initial ideas and timeline was met.

As any product company it is vital for our client to continuously iterate and improve FotMob. They often have strict deadlines as they launch features that align with event in the world of soccer, like the World Cup or Copa America.


Internal architecture audits

First we did an internal audit of the existing architecture and codebase to make a checklist of improvements we needed to perform in order to make a better and scalable product.

By constantly communicating our needs based on the checklist we developed a straightforward and efficient process of development together with NorApps.


Application development

Using our approach we gained 80% improvement on Google SpeedInsights.

We completely rewrote the codebase with the performance in mind, used several techniques such as:

  • Bundle splitting
  • Moving heavy libraries and functionality to server side on Node.js
  • Generating html on server
  • Removing unnecessary dependencies and libraries


Turning ideas into real services

Updating the design of the existing website was a big challenge as we were working with legacy code and a good amount of technical debt.

This product had already existed for years and has been going full speed ahead as product development does. We needed to push the product forward and keep up with the roadmap, but also do it right.

We decided to implement the new design and created a plan to ensure a complete restructuring and refactoring of the code in parallel.

That gave us the confidence that in the end our client would get the required features in a timely manner while also getting a maintainable and extensible code base to further enhance their product.




About FotMob

FotMob is one of the world’s most popular football apps with over 20 million downloads – helping people follow the world of football, wherever they are.

Industry: Sport
Project: Mobile application
Client: FotMob
Working model: Extension teams

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