How to access larger pools of tech talent while keeping your budget plan the same

 Learn the process of quickly sourcing the right software developers & designers who possess the skill-sets and expertise needed to ensure swift, cost-effective completion of your project.
How to access larger pools

Leveraging an Extended Software Development Team to Grow your Business in 2022

It’s now more critical than ever to have the right, capable software development teams – due to the constant evolving demands of software and product development.

Extension teams let you access larger pools of talent, while keeping your budget plan & business goals the same. If you’re looking for experienced developers with unique skill-sets, then the extension team model is your top pick:


Lower operating costs for your business

No obligation to keep your developers on the payroll after a product is completed since the employment processes are already handled.

Focus Group

Exposure to larger pools of tech talent

Gain quick access to our highly skilled talent pool of 200+ software developers and UX/UI designers.


Simplified resource management

Your extension team’s skill sets are accessible on-demand and may be scaled up or down according to your project requirements.

Transform your business and grow out of the pandemic

If you’re having difficulties sourcing the right talent, rushing to build new features before a deadline, or finding recruiting to be too time-consuming and costly for your business, then hiring an extended software development team could well be your economic and flexible solution to go for in today’s fast-changing, post-pandemic world.