10 Ways to succeed while working from home during COVID-19

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Our top work from home ideas are:

Daily check-ins

First on the list of our top work from home ideas is to maintain a level of trust and balance whilst keeping up your work schedule. Keep in touch each day and ask each other how everything is going. Offer encouragement to your colleagues via online communication. We are all going through this hard time, so working as a team to get through this together is key.

Maintain a routine

Be consistent with your working hours at home. Treat your home’s work-desk as your office work-desk. Keep your work-at-home routine as consistent as you would for your normal working days. If you always make yourself a coffee first thing at work, make one first thing at home too. “Where focus goes, energy flows”. – Tony Robbins

“Where focus goes, energy flows” – Tony Robbins

Provide technical resources

Show your colleagues that you are still communicating and are respecting working conditions as normal. Leverage all the great technology tools that we have out there such as Jira, Trello, Zoom and more. Look out for tools that are offering free trials right now due to this crisis. We are in the digital age, and we now have the chance to see how we can make the best use of it.

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Move around

Working at home in quarantine doesn’t mean that you should stay still all day – that is NOT what humans are meant to do and will only cause harm. Move from one table to another, do sit-ups, do star-jumps, do press-ups. These kinds of light exercises are not workouts, they are daily supplements for the body. Do something each day to keep your body active and moving.

Offer encouragement

Make sure to offer genuine support to your colleagues via online communication. It can take as little as a “how are you doing?” to help make someone feel a bit more comfortable throughout their day. “Believe you can and you’re halfway there”. – Theodore Roosevelt

“Believe you can and you’re already there” – Theodore Roosevelt

Take care of your body

An important point from our work from home ideas is to take good care of your body. Our emotional feelings really depend on how we feel. We can feel good or we can feel bad – the truth is that really depends on our state of mind and how we choose to think about it. Make sure to eat healthy, drink enough water and exercise in your indoor space regularly. Avoid smoking, drugs and drinking too much alcohol – this will only make you feel worse of course and will not solve the problem.

Do not stay glued to the news

Try to limit the time you spend watching or listening to news of the outbreak, including on social media, and think about turning off breaking-news alerts on your phone. You could set yourself a specific time to read updates so that you limit yourself to checking the news to only a couple of times per day.

Use your eyes to focus on the simple things such as nature, the birds flying outside, the wind on the trees instead which surprisingly can uplift your mood a lot more.

If you are going to read and catch-up on any news, make sure to read trustworthy sources such as the WHO or the NHS.

Plan practical tasks

Work out how to get hold of any household supplies you need. You could try asking neighbors or family friends, or make use of delivery services. Remember, sharing is caring, even during a crisis like this.

If you need regular medicine, you might be able to order prescriptions online via a website or app. You can also ask your pharmacy about getting your medicine delivered, or ask someone else to collect it for you.

Also think about how you can help out the elderly or those in greater need while you are staying at home.

Take the time to relax

Another important point from our work from home ideas is to make sure to use the time during your day to relax. We are all under enough stress already, so taking some time off to relax is the least we can do. Do ten to fifteen-minute meditations alone. Close your eyes and enjoy the peace of controlled breathing. We brush our teeth, wash our hair, shower each morning; we also need to do the same for our mind. This link here shows guided meditation for beginners.

Learn a new skill

One of our best work from home ideas is to take the time to learn something new and obtain a new skill. You may be away from your office for a while. Why not come back with a new set of skills that you can contribute to the team? Websites like Udemy.com offer great and affordable courses on many different topics.

“One of our best work from home ideas is to take the time to learn something new and obtain a new skill.”


From our top work from home ideas

Stay connected with your friends, family and colleagues through the technology that we have. In times like these, the human spirit and human support is what will make us come out on top. Listen to others about their issues. Support each other. Keep your mind active by working, learning and doing something that you really enjoy to get through this successfully.

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