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Unsuccessful job interviews, difficult questions from employers, and not so great first impressions all play key parts in making people feel frustrated when applying for a job. Anyone applying for a job needs to know the vital professional tips to get a job, especially if they want to successfully land the job they want.

Don’t worry, we will share the story of Thomson. He has tried to get a job many times, but didn’t succeed. However, in the end, he gained experience and won the job he wanted.

Let’s take a look at our tips to get a job below

Impressive CV – Tips to get a job

Beautiful CV design

Thomson invests time in a CV design that looks great. A nice CV will impress the recruiter as it shows that the applicant has put effort in their application. The reason is that on that CV, it’s not just dry talk about his experience, but also the way of designing and presenting layout, and content variation is also a form of art. He finds that by owning a beautiful CV, the employer will see something unique from him.

Personal information

According to Thomson, personal information is one of the first to be sympathetic to the recruiter and demonstrate his professionalism in style in impressing his CV. In order for the recruiter to contact Thomson, he was quite careful in giving out his personal information such as full name, phone number, email address.

Career goals

It is quite an important part that many employers are interested in. This section asks Thomson to point out his future directions, his wishes for his career. More than anyone else, Thomson knows that employers often value candidates who plan for themselves and have clear goals at every stage of their careers.

Work experience

After many unsuccessful attempts to win employers, Thomson learned from experience that too much is not good either. Therefore, he presented his experience in a brief but informative manner. This is a very effective writing style that has been applied by many candidates. Thomson presented information such as, the name of the company he worked for, and the job position he held. In addition, he stated clearly about the achievements that he has achieved in the past.

Personal preference

To make an impression, personal interests are also part of Thomson, although it may be optional, Thomson does not ignore it. The reason is that Thomson wants to show relevant skills for the position to apply. More specifically, his skills will all show the soft skills he has. For example, he likes to cook because cooking creates healthy living habits for both his body and mind. Not only that, but his hobby also includes traveling because he wants to explore different cultures.

In addition, he mentioned in his CV hobbies section that he loves reading because reading helps him gain more knowledge. Thereby, helping Thomson’s CV stand out from among countless others because he has a more distinct color personality. Thomson showed off his relevant skills for the job vacancy. Giving Thomson a chance for a more cheerful talk in the job interview.

Porfolio – Tips to get a job

The second tip to get a job is to create a portfolio. People often say a portfolio is only needed by people in the design industry. However, Thomson sees that others will need it as well. Thomson’s marketing industry, for example. This effort of investing time in the portfolio is no less than his CV. His portfolio consists of projects that represent his capabilities, style, skills, and experience.

The portfolio helps recruiters get the best overview of Thomson’s abilities. In other words, the portfolio is the skills and abilities he already has. In the portfolio, not only personal and general professional information is required, there is also a need for detailed information on projects performed. 

In the skills section, Thomson identifies at least 3 to 5 skills that are important and essential to the field he is pursuing. For example, if he wants to apply for an online marketing position of a company, his portfolio must state his skills in video editing, photoshop, and photography. This has helped him score higher than the other candidates.

Projects implemented

In addition to the skills, Thomson Outlines the projects done in the portfolio in the most detailed way to show the experiences and lessons learned from the projects. For example, while working at his former company, he did digital marketing projects. One of the projects he described in the portfolio, where he did a campaign that got a lot of engagement on Facebook, is that people come to his brand’s events.

They would take a photo and post with the hashtag of the company name with the campaign name. After that, those who record the most unique content and images will have a chance to win attractive gifts. Through the projects that Thomson has worked on, the recruiter can see how much he can do, and what he has learned from the projects.

Find the opportunity

Recruitment website

Thomson’s first place to look for job opportunities is to find the information directly through reputable recruitment websites such as JobDB Thailand, Glassdoor, etc. After that, he tried to submit his CV directly on those recruitment websites.

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Company website


In addition to recruitment websites, Thomson also tried searching directly on the websites of the companies he wanted to work for. Clicking on the career page to see which positions the company is hiring and applied.


Creating a LinkedIn account and building a profile on it is also how Thomson looked for opportunities. After creating an account and completing the LinkedIn profile, Thomson began following up with senior employees such as the CEO, founder, and chief human resources officer of some of Thomson’s favorite companies. Through the LinkedIn channel, Thomson can find keyword-based jobs with ease of application and can connect directly with employers to increase the chances of being selected into the hiring process.

Facebook group

Joining job posting groups also give Thomson the opportunity to access job postings from a variety of companies.

Networking event

In addition, Thomson also participates in events organized by companies and networking events to not only broaden his understanding of the profession he is interested in, but also have the opportunity to reach senior executives of that company.

Interview – Tips to get a job

tips to get a job - seven peaks software - the people show that he dressed politely

Being well dressed

Thomson has prepared clothes a week before the job interview to look polite and suitable for corporate culture. His goal of carefully dressing up is to make a great first impression in the eyes of employers. Making the employer feel that Thomson truly respects, cares and takes this job interview, and job seriously.

Adding knowledge made Thomson more confident

Before coming to the interview, Thomson has been thinking of a way to impress employers. By showing them that he is an informed candidate. He did some research on the company before applying for both its business model and its culture. Insight of the company prior to a job interview not only helps Thomson in determining if the job is right for him, but it also assists him effectively in answering questions with his employer “How much does Thomson know about the company”.

Thomson showed himself the best solution

After understanding the company’s culture, knowing the difficulties they are facing. What Thomson did next was to prove to him that he got the best solutions. He is always available to answer these three key questions in every interview, what are your strengths, why do you wants to work here, and why are you the right person for this position.

Providing impressive information

After proving himself that he got the best solution for the employers, Thomson briefly recounted his accomplishments, but unexpectedly easily left a mark on interviewers’ minds. The recruiter has interviewed a lot of people, and Thomson has to show the recruiter why the recruiter should choose Thomson and not anyone else. Thomson has to show the recruiter that he is unlike anyone and that he is unique.

Be proactive during interviews

Instead of being as timid as before, this time Thomson interview was more proactive. The fact that Thomson takes initiative, such as asking practical questions, is highly appreciated by the employers. Thomson not only avoided stress and pressure, but also skillfully demonstrates Thomson’s interest in the job through intelligent questions.


In conclusion, the number of jobs is quite limited while the number of people in need of job hunting is increasing day by day. However, finding a job is not as difficult as we often think. Hopefully, Thomson’s story tips will help you pocket some tips for getting a job quickly.

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