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Digital marketing has become an important part of many businesses nowadays, and a digital marketer is likewise a role that many people want to pursue. I’m also building my career towards it, while the degree I’m working towards has nothing to do with digital marketing. With the internship program that Seven Peaks Software provides, you can study and practice the skills needed to become a digital marketer.

Hi, I’m Bam. I am a cultural studies student who has been into digital marketing for almost a year. In this article, I will guide you through my internship experience as a digital marketer at Seven Peaks Software. Together, I will show you why interning at this company can help build your expertise as a digital marketer.

Regardless of your academic background, you will discover that digital marketing is a fun and challenging field where you can surely begin your career.

I decided to apply for an internship at Seven Peaks Software because of its image as a modern and professional technology consulting company. Its well-structured and easy-to-navigate website, as well as its strong social media presence, are proof of their digital marketing efforts. As Thailand’s top digital product consultancy, they have a great reputation and a lot of technical know-how. Their marketing strategy makes me want to learn more and see more of the world.

Therefore, I thought that this company can be the place where I can gain more hands-on experience in digital marketing, as well as a range of skills needed to become a digital marketer.

As I received the offer, I got to choose what specific areas of digital marketing I wanted to work on. Among the many facets of digital marketing, I decided to focus on on social media and search engine optimization (SEO).

Practice the skills needed to become a digital marketer

In my first week, I learned about digital marketing and branding guidelines of the company, such as strategies for different social channels, important working processes, etc. Additionally, I learned about a number of digital marketing technologies that I had never used or had very little experience with.

The team provided me with support and guidance as I got myself familiar with the new work environment. When there’s something I don’t understand or I am unsure of how to do, I can always ask.

As I worked on social media content and SEO, I developed both soft and hard skills needed to become a digital marketer. There are many digital marketing competencies, but I’ve improved these since interning at Seven Peaks Software:

Creative thinking

Digital marketing work is about being creative in how you will solve problems you’re facing, how to increase the reach of your social media accounts, how to find keywords and content that will get clicks, etc.

Strategic thinking

Digital marketing will never be successful without planning. You should plan what you will make, post, or publish with your marketing or business goals in mind. When you think strategically, each step you take helps you reach your goals.

Communication & Collaboration

Working as a digital marketer is almost never about a single individual. People will have to be a part of your work. One obvious case is working with a graphic designer; it’s about how you communicate ideas in your head to another person who will turn them into reality for you.


Taking care of social media presence means that I have to think of captions that would catch the attention and drive traffic, as well as what texts should be in artwork that will be posted on social media. It also includes writing meta descriptions and some parts of blog posts that will help attract people and retain their interest.


Almost every business now wants to do SEO for their website. At Seven Peaks Software, you get to learn everything about SEO – on-page optimization, technical aspects, and link building. The team is really knowledgeable in SEO and you will certainly learn a lot from working with them.

Reasons why Seven Peaks Software is the right place for your digital marketing internship

Explore the tech industry

Digital marketing, as the name suggests, means that you should be well-versed in technology in some ways and some forms, such as marketing technology, or MarTech. In a technology-first company like Seven Peaks Software, You can learn more about the available technology that can directly and indirectly improve the effectiveness and success of your digital marketing efforts.

Learn modern working methods

Since it’s a modern digital product consulting company, its working processes are quite lean and efficient. You will get used to working with software or tools for project management and collaboration. You will get to work in an organized yet flexible environment. What will a digital marketer in 2022 require if not these tools to organize tasks and track progress?

Almost no menial tasks

When thinking of an internship, some people might be worried if they will have to do menial and repetitive tasks that don’t necessarily help them develop professional skills. However, at Seven Peaks Software, maybe due to the nature of a modern technology company, there are no meaningless tasks, and everything you do will always contribute to team and corporate objectives. This means that you will have more time dedicated to learning and developing the core skills needed to become a digital marketer.

A place of support and teamwork

This company cares about you and your needs. They also listen to you, whether it’s your opinion or your concern. Team members help each other accomplish demanding tasks. As an intern, you get to work on what you want and try things out with the support from your team. It’s a work environment of constructive feedback that helps you learn and grow.

Bam internhip program


An internship program at Seven Peaks Software not only allows me to gain and practice digital marketing skills, but also helps me develop the mindset of a modern digital marketer.

Whether you have studied marketing and business at your school or not, being a digital marketing intern at Seven Peaks Software will definitely help prepare you to become a good digital marketer in the future!

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