Recruitment statistics to watch out for in 2021

Recruitment statistics 2021

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Recruitment statistics 2021: Job seekers use social media, email, phone and SMS to communicate with companies – which one ranked the highest?







Social media


The latest recruitment statistics show that the highest percentage of job seekers contacted companies via phone, secondly through email, thirdly through SMS, and lastly through social media at a low 16%.

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The recruitment statistics proved that job seekers felt that calling was the most direct and reliable channel to increase chances of getting results rather than through a social media application. Email was used to inquire in a less-urgent but a more polite and professional manner. Social media was left out due people being skeptical about social media platforms being serious enough to produce results.


84% of companies use social media for recruitment!

Now let’s switch it around, the upcoming recruitment statistics of 2021 show that 84% of companies use social media for recruitment! This is due to both paid and organic social media marketing on social media to reach out to candidates on a broader level. LinkedIn, again, proves to be very popular among recruiters. The data here shows that there is a clear misalignment to tools used to match both the candidates and employers to the relevant jobs.

What’s your mission?

79% of candidates consider a company’s mission before applying for a position. A mission can be made through the company’s values, vision and purpose – candidates want to know why the company does what they do. If the company and the candidates’s mission/values match, it will highly increase the chance of the recruiter hiring a good fit.


52% of recruiters say that their time-to-hire was over 3 weeks long; with the average length of interview being 27.5 days long. Time-to-hire simply means how long it takes for the recruiter to successfuly hire a candidate – the time elapsed between engaging a candidate and then accepting an offer. As time is money, hiring the fastest whilst maintaing a good quality of the hire is ideal.

(source: CMD recruitment)


The key point here for recruitment statistics is that currently 88% of millenials use social media daily! Secondly, it is predicted that millennials will make up to a third of the global workplace by 2022 and then will make up to around 75% of the global workforce by 2025.

Another interesting statistic is that 80% of millenials want to work overseas and 93% of millennials see ongoing skills development as an important part of their future careers.

(source: Finances online)

Keeping each other updated

81% of job seekers say employers continuously communicating status updates to them would greatly improve the overall experience. Updates could simply be a message on LinkedIn or an email updating how the steps are going, how the process is going, and importantly – the estimated outcome and how long until completion.

(source: learn.g2)

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Companies in the top tier for culturally diverse executive teams were 33% more likely to experience above-average profitability than companies in the bottom tier. It is important to show multi-cultural diversity in today’s workplace.

Seven Peaks currently has over 70 team members from 20 different countries! We ourselves value multi-culturalism to build a global team.

Cloud technology

Cloud technology and the Saas subscription model is driving the growth of the HR software industry, which is predicted to be worth more than USD $10 billion by 2022!

The growth here is due to HR software maintaining data that is confidential in nature such as employee information, home address, social security numbers and financials which are better in higher demand. Also, the introduction of new tools such as candidate searching, advertisement management, and candidate relationship management with the integration of Facebook and LinkedIn is also heavily contributing towards the growth of this cloud technology.

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(source: Markets and Markets)

Cloud technology and the Saas subscription model is driving the growth of the HR software industry, which is predicted to be worth more than USD $10 billion by 2022!

Make online hiring a good experience

59% of candidates have abandoned an online application due to issues or bugs on the website. If you want better conversions for online job applications, make sure that your webpage functions well to give a good user-experience to the candidate who is applying online.

(source: Finances online)

Online Reviews

4 in 5 job seekers research a company’s online reviews and ratings when deciding whether to apply for a job. Positive reviews, especially from close peers, go a long way for gaining credibility in recruitment. Job seekers want to hear the experiences and stories from a person who has personally worked at the company before. Making use of team and office photos for job seekers to see helps too.

A sense of purpose

60-78% of employees feel that their job gives them a sense of meaning and purpose – with the field of technology scoring the highest! Employees have more of a need to feel a care for the job which in their views are more important than monetary or status values.

More than 5 million information technology jobs are to be added globally by 2027! Jobs and careers in tech will only continue to boom – this is due to the ever-changing technology trends that demand more technology specialists across the globe. So, if you’re thinking of breaking into tech, now is a very good time.

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Recruitment statistics for 2021 show that technology will only become more vital in the future of recruitment

The players who will win the long-term game of recruitment are the ones who will make the most out of this rapidly changing technology. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn has been a game-changer for recruiters in the digital age. Tech jobs continue to grow due to more demand of technical talent to fulfill emerging technical roles. Cloud technology will continue to be vital for storing candidate information and to help track recruitment processes. But very importantly, the recruitment statistics have shown that a wide range of communication channels and internet speed has been vital for successful recruitment in this day and age and will be for days to come.

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