A Day in the Life Marketing and Social Media Internship at Seven Peaks Software

A Day in the Life of a Marketing and Social Media Internship at Seven Peaks Software by Laksika Chinwanitcharoen (Fern)


Hi everyone, my name is Laksika Chinwanitcharoen or you can call me Fern. Presently, I’m a senior student at the College of Social Communication Innovation at Srinakharinwirot University.

In this blog, I will share my impressive experiences during my Marketing and Social Media Internship at Seven Peaks Software. Internship here gives you more valuable experience than you think!

How did I start my journey at Seven Peaks Software?

Since I’ve studied at college, what I am interested in the most is digital marketing but I don’t have the experience to work in the marketing field before.

So, I want to know how people work in real life. Then I searched for a digital marketing intern position in Bangkok and I found Seven Peaks Software.

After I learned more about Seven Peaks Software which is an international software development and design company, that was related to what I studied at the university. It’s the company that I’m looking for.

So, I decided to apply immediately without hesitation! I received an email and had a video interview with the marketing manager, Bo.

He gave an overview of the duties, the Marketing Team, and Seven Peaks. The atmosphere of the interview was pretty chill. I can feel the friendliness of the people and the good working environment.

Life of a Digital Marketing Intern at Seven Peaks Software

On the first day, I got a warm welcome, a tour of the office and introduced to everyone. I was a little bit worried about language, sometimes I don’t understand what they say but they’re so nice.

They try to speak slowly and explain more to me. I’m so impressed that it makes me want to get up early and come to work here every day. COVID outbreak during my internship, the company had the option of being able to work from home or work at an office.

I often go to the office because I think communicating with people will be more enjoyable and we can exchange culture with other people; our employees come from over 20 different countries!

In addition, the office is located at The PARQ which is easy to get to, near the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center MRT. Seven Peaks Software helped me gain weight. The office has everything you want: a snack, drink, food and all of these free!

You will be surprised what the lunch is today, they provide different meals each week. I ate Indian food for the first time here and I love it. The activity that I like the most is Friday bar. It’s time to chit-chat on other topics without work.

Everyone enjoys drinking and playing the game together. This is a great time to relax, get to know more people, and build positive relationships.

Going from 0 to 100 during my social media internship

Marketing Manager – Bo assigned tasks following what I want to do and what I learn at the university. If I want to learn more about something, I can ask for the task. I have many interesting tasks to take responsibility such as:

  • Manage and create captions for social media
  • My first task was to create captions for social media including; Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google My Business, and Twitter. Then scheduled posts also replied to comments and messages. Moreover, I have to handle social media for our partner company from Norway “Apphuset” and sister company – Property Flow.
  • Writing SEO-optimized articles
  • When I interviewed with Bo, I told him that I want to learn more about SEO. So, He provided an SEO course for me and while I took the course I had to write my article and research keywords for SEO. After finishing the course, I did an exam and got a certificate that builds skills for my resume and also helps me to understand SEO more through doing the real task.
  • Websites
  • I have more tasks about redesigning Seven Peaks website. I was allowed to participate in clients’ projects. I think this task is very challenging for me. I had learned new tools that I never used before and also joined meetings with clients like I’m a full-time employee. I’m so excited and honored to do this work.

For all tasks that I have a responsibility for, I gain more knowledge and experience to do real work which can help me to grow up. I can say that Seven Peaks is one of the companies to start or grow your career!

Intern being a part of Seven Peaks family

As an intern, I didn’t think that I’m interning, everybody treated me as a full-time employee. I’m so impressed that I can talk to everybody no matter what position they are in, what country they come from.

Even the benefit for the employee, I got them all. For example, they sent COVID care boxes that have snacks, drinks, oxygen meters, and many useful things while working from home to all employees including interns.

Moreover, they tried to help me get the vaccine as soon as possible.

Continuous learning

During my internship, I have an opportunity to take the course and get the certificate. I can request what I want to know that can help me to improve myself.

I can ask if I don’t understand or am curious about something, everybody is happy to advise and teach me. I get new knowledge that I can’t find anywhere else.

Happy hours

We always have parties where everybody has fun together.

The office was decorated to match the festivals such as Halloween, Christmas which make a good environment and vibe to work.

The party that I like the most is the Halloween party. It’s time to dress up to the nines. People wear fantastic costumes. We all have great memories that are so wonderful.

Benefits at Seven Peaks Software Thailand

Dynamic teams

We always have parties where everybody has fun together.

The marketing team has weekly meetings and 1-1 meetings once a month for concluding what you have done, what were the obstacles, and how the manager can help you including estimating work like work overall, wellbeing, growth, etc.

Moreover, the manager gave me feedback about my work which can help me know my strengths and weaknesses to improve myself.

Great relationships

I would like to say for certain that the environment at Seven Peaks is suitable for the internship to grow your career path. Everybody is very supportive and friendly.

They are ready to help you to learn about work and life also.

I got a new perspective and new knowledge here. Around people who are professional and have experience many years help you eager to learn and learn faster.


Intern at Seven Peaks Software is an extraordinary memory that I would like to recommend to you. My intern experience was fantastic.

I improved myself in terms of knowledge, experience, and language.

I was constantly learning something new.

It helps me to plan my future career and understand the kind of company I’d like to work for after graduation. I met wonderful colleagues.

The internship here is not only beneficial for the knowledge that you acquire but also to have good friendships with colleagues.

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