My internship experience at Seven Peaks Software –
by Diana Smirnova

Meet Diana

Hi! I’m Diana, and it’s nice to see your interest in reading my article. I will provide a better understanding of the Accelerate Program, Seven Peaks Software offers to graduate and young professionals.

What are the benefits of the program? Why I chose Seven Peaks Software and why you need to accelerate your career opportunities here? What have I learned, and how it changed my future? What was unique about my internship experience at Seven Peaks Software? Let’s dive into it!

The beginning

In May 2020, I finished all my exams and courses at Assumption University based in Bangkok. And in June 2020, I was officially counted as a graduate student majoring in Business English with an emphasis on Marketing. All that is left is to attend the graduation ceremony in January 2021 and receive a long-awaited diploma.

In the beginning, marketing was not generally the enthusiasm of mine. I discovered my passion for marketing during my sophomore year. From that point forward, I plunged deeply into this field. Marketing, digital marketing specifically, caught my interest as it includes a wide variety of practices.

Marketers have to understand human psychology, always research new strategies and problem-solving. Analyze markets, competitors, look into the future, predict and be prepared for the future, and more! Marketing never gets boring, and I always look forward to each day of work.

Seven Peaks Accelerate

As I have mentioned before, Seven Peaks Software offers an Accelerate program to graduates and juniors who seek to foster their career opportunities and real work experience. Here, at Seven Peaks Software, I got an exposure to different digital marketing practices starting from and other marketing analysis, and researches for the company and clients.

See Seven Peaks Accelerate here

Internship at Seven Peaks Software

Before applying for an internship program at Seven Peaks Software, I have read an article written by the previous Digital Marketing intern, Alina. You can read her internship article to have a better picture of what the Accelerate program provides to interns and what knowledge and experience young professionals receive here.

Read Alina's internship story here

But my experience was different from hers. Why?

Starting from the time I have started my internship. All of us will forever remember the year 2020 as the year of blowing COVID-19 virus, lockdowns, quarantine, and lots of requirements the whole world had to follow.

It turned out that my first week at the company was the first week of the Seven Peaks team returning to office life. As a celebration of this, Seven Peaks organized the welcome party for its team and their +1. It was the first time I felt a strong connection between employees and saw how much the company cares about their people and building the relationship with them.

Color in The PARQ

On the day of the party, we had team building activities that helped me to get to know the team better and encouraged everyone to connect after working at home for several months.

Have you heard the quote:
“Rainbows always come after the darkest storm”?

Well, this quote does not describe life at Seven Peaks. After having a welcoming party, we moved to a magical period. Period of rebranding. It was a big step for the company, and I had a chance to experience it here.

It was not always easy, but with the great support from the management, adviser, and design team who were very understanding and helpful, we successfully launched a new website, developed new design, digital marketing strategies, and much more!

Digital Marketing

If you visit our social media channels, you will see a giant shift in content, image template design, its layout. Compared to the full freedom marketers had before, the company developed certain requirements that I had to follow to complete my tasks, and get it approved by my adviser.

All of that gave me experience working closely with the design team, which is very useful and important in the marketing industry.

The re-branding of Seven Peaks Software

  • You can have a look at why Seven Peaks Software decided to take such step and change everything starting from scratch in this article:
Read the re-branding story here

Hands-on learning

After the rebranding period ended and everyone got used to new requirements, I was able to move to other tasks and open a new world of SEO practices. At university, I didn’t receive any experience in that field. All I knew about SEO, I learned from the extra courses I have taken online.

At Seven Peaks Software, I got an opportunity to gain practical experience in SEO analysis and research. If I had any questions, I could always open the “Marketing Process” file, which includes guidelines for each digital marketing activity or ask the Marketing Manager directly about my concerns in the “Slack” application used for internal communication.

Leaders in software development

Seven Peaks Software is known as a fast-growing, leading technology company in Bangkok which means marketers should also know about software development. To be honest, technology is not my strongest point, but working in a company that provides Agile Software development helped to gain understanding and get closer to the IT industry.

A high-profile of skilled industry professionals who work at Seven Peaks Software are always willing to help and explain the processes and a basic understanding of software development. I never felt left out or out of my comfort zone while doing an internship at Seven Peaks Software.

International environment

Talking about a comfort zone, it is very interesting to see how different nationalities and cultures here get along with each other and build a strong, collaborative environment. Talent acquisition doing their best to find people who are well-coordinated with everyone at the company which creates a friendly and family-like atmosphere at the office.


I would say that all pledges in the Accelerate program are being delivered and expectations are met. I wish and believe that Seven Peaks Software will continue to grow and expand its team.

As for those, who plan to become a part of the Accelerate program, I will say with complete confidence that you will be more than happy with the experience you will get here.

If you want to build your profile, work with diverse, highly-skilled industry professionals, get real working experience, and do projects for high-profile clients in Asia and Europe, together with improving English proficiency, Seven Peaks Software will give you all of that.

What do you search for in an Internship program?
And what do you think of the Accelerate program at Seven Peaks Software?

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