My International Digital Marketing Internship Experience

– by Richie Liu

Hey! My name is Richie, and I am currently 20 years old. I have successfully completed my studies in Marketing at Bangkok University as of the year 2020.

I was born in Thailand, but I am a Taiwanese national who has been studying in an international environment since pre-school, therefore, although I can speak three languages which are Thai, Chinese, and English.

English feels the most native language to me, which brings me to my journey of finding an international internship during my remaining last 6 months in Thailand.

How it all started

Around December 2020, with the completion of my final semester, I was contemplating with myself on what step to take next in life. At the time, I couldn’t really commit to a job as I would have to leave half a year later to conduct my military duties in Taiwan.

However, I really wanted professional work experience along with an idea of what kind of career path I wanted to take. Hence, I decided to get an internship, instead of sitting around at home, with the goal of finding a company with an international environment to work at.

At first, I was aiming for companies related to the hardware side of technology because I was interested in that . However, after discovering Seven Peaks Software and learning about what they have to offer, it was difficult to pass up such an opportunity from them – to learn from experts and gain personal development in a good work-and-life balance environment full of cultural diversity.

After passing the HR phone call interview, which I thought was just a friendly conversation, and having a google meeting with the marketing manager, I got the job offer on the spot, and an e-mail the following day to confirm my decision. So, I turned down the offers from other companies and gladly accepted what Seven Peaks has to offer to help my personal growth.

The beginning

My first day working at Seven Peaks wasn’t as lonely as you might think. The HR team showed me around the office, so I can get familiar with the place. Everyone in the marketing team was very welcoming and it quickly became comfortable for me to ask for help whenever I felt lost.

I was also provided with access to documents related to the marketing process to help me understand the way the marketing team gets work done. Besides that, I had a fellow intern starting the same time as me, and we shared the same table for the first 2 weeks, so we often helped each other out which makes it less nerve-wracking.

The first week at Seven Peaks Software was pretty much just reading and understanding how things work around here, so we won’t feel overwhelmed when we are given real-life tasks to work with.

Our marketing manager, Bo Lund Pedersen, put together a word document of courses related to WordPress and SEO to help us develop the necessary skills to complete tasks moving forward. Soon after, we were given hands-on tasks to put what we have learned to use and to assist the company’s growth.

How it all started

What I love the most about the company is its diversity and the international environment. As someone who grew up in an international environment, it was important to me that I find a workplace that feels most native to me and does not consist of cultural tribalism.

By having cultural diversity and an international workplace, I feel like no one ever feels left-out while working here, and everyone gets to learn a new perspective from one another. Plus, everyone speaks in English which is the language I find most comfortable with and want to improve more on.

My tasks and responsibilities

My first task was to help design landing pages for articles with the first one being related to cloud migration, which is one of our many meetups at Seven Peaks Software, feel free to check out the cloud solutions providers summary article.

During the beginning, it took a while to complete the task as there was a lot to take in, but with some help from the experts in the marketing team, I slowly became more and more efficient at designing landing pages for our unique articles.

Other than that, I also got to try cool software such as Figma to help me design thumbnails for our social media posts to go along with the social media captions I have written.

After my first task was done, my next responsibility was to conduct social media research on Reddit, Quora, and Pantip to find out for the team whether it was suitable for our use for driving more online traffic to our website.

It was quite useful as I ended up using what I have researched to do a test run on driving traffic to our registration link for our meetups – which resulted in over 100 visits! Sadly, the tickets sold from that were only 3, but nonetheless, it was still a great experience as I just love to experiment with new knowledge that I have attained.

During the second month of my internship, I started getting tasks from our client from our marketing manager which was to conduct a free SEO audit for our prospective clients to get them to desire our services.

This task was very helpful in terms of experience and my personal growth because I got to become more familiar with the principle of SEO and gain new knowledge about it. In addition, I also get direct feedback from our manager to guide me on my errors or to mentor me on how I can make it better.

Thereafter, my main task was to write summary articles for the meetups, design landing pages, create social media posts for the landing pages I have made, and make SEO audits for clients whenever it is needed.

However, when I’m not busy, I do help out my fellow interns with their tasks such as the creation of the video “A Week of Interns at Seven Peaks Software”, which was such a fun project to work on!

Why I would recommend Seven Peaks Software for an internship

Although I have no experience working for any other companies, I feel like compared to most local companies, Seven Peaks Software truly cares about its employees. In Thailand, it is quite difficult to find work that doesn’t expect you to speak Thai like the locals.

Therefore, if you value working in an international workplace in Thailand, Seven Peaks Software is just what you are looking for.

Furthermore, the office is designed to have no walls between employees, so unless you are having a meeting, it is fairly simple to get up and get help or discuss something with your colleagues, as well as with the management team.

This kind of working environment discourages isolation and motivates efficiency, collaboration, and learning as a team.

Since I have started my internship at Seven Peaks Software, I have learned a lot of new things and was given the chance to apply them to meaningful projects.

In school, you will learn about certain topics related to digital marketing strategies such as SEO, PPC, and more, but they don’t really explain it to you in detail on how to execute the strategy.

For me, that was what bothered me the most since I was really curious about SEO.

Luckily, working at Seven Peaks Software has given me the chance to learn from experts and practice executing SEO to rank higher on google as the world’s most popular search engine.

Also, I was given the chance to help out with client’s work which is a valuable experience for my growth as an individual.

Did I also mention that Seven Peaks Software is a multicultural company that celebrates many holidays and festivals?

I personally got to experience events such as Lunar New Year and the Thai Street Food festival, and it was such a fun party to be a part of. To be able to just sit down, relax, play board games, and socialize with colleagues to learn more about their culture, roles, and life story.

Even when there aren’t any events going on, we always have our weekly Thursday lunch where the company treats us to different kinds of cuisine, and our Friday bar where we can drink and play games on the PS4 with our colleagues.

The point I am trying to make here is that Seven Peaks truly value having a fun working and learning environment, which I completely agree with. Having a perfect balance between work and fun could come a long way for the company’s service quality and efficiency.


Lastly, although I didn’t work as long as the other interns, it was a fun learning experience and a very enjoyable ride while it lasted. Being able to work with professionals and being entrusted with real-life work is something I couldn’t have hope for more.

Seven Peaks Software gave me a wider perspective and a valuable experience for my future career. I would even say that they have set my expectations for companies to be just like them, values work-life balance, has an international environment, and is multicultural.

Thank you everyone from Seven Peaks Software for being so welcoming and helpful in my personal growth. I will definitely miss you guys!

If you are interested to read more articles from Seven Peaks Software. Visit our blog on the website.

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