How to rank higher in Google search?

6 Tips on How to rank higher in Google search result – 2022 SEO strategy

The digital marketing realm has seen so many changes in the past years, especially with regards to SEO. We have compiled a list of items and it appears that the answer to how to rank higher in Google search lies in optimizing for Google’s updated algorithms.

Want to find out how you can update your 2022 SEO strategy? Keep on reading to find out!

The overall theme of SEO strategies in 2022

Before learning about the trends that you can apply to leveling up your SEO game, let’s get to know some themes revolving around the topic which are:

  • Traditional SEO strategies will stay; keywords and especially image optimization.
  • AI is and will continue to be a huge part of SEO
  • Optimizing user experience will help your website qualify for being the best!
  • Enriched and structured data boost your website ranking.

2022 SEO trends to watch out for

Google changes its mind all the time about what it considers a Google search ranking tool.

Since its announcement in 2010 that over 200 variables are considered ranking factors, a lot has changed.

Below is a list of items that we believe are important to boost your website ranking and take your online presence one step further.

Core web vitals: How to rank higher in Google search

In the fall of 2021, Google announced that it would start adopting core web vitals as a ranking factor. Ultimately, Core Web Vitals measure 3 important qualitative performance metrics of a website:

By improving these metrics, you are enhancing the user experience of your website and Google’s ranking.

Ways you can do to improve your core web vitals are:

  • Utilize measuring tools such as Google Search Console, or PageSpeed Insights.
  • Optimize your images by compressing them
  • Avoid too many pop-up ads
  • Improve your server’s response time

Optimizing for ‘People also ask’

seven peaks software-people also ask

The ‘people also ask’ portion of a SERP is where you can find related questions to your current inquiry. ‘People also ask’ shows up in 48.6% of the searches. Therefore, to encourage click through rate, we recommend to try and show up in these coveted SERPs.

You can first look for question-format long-tail keywords through the search engines or use a keyword tool to find them. After that, you might want to answer those questions comprehensively as well as adopting the keywords in your H2, H3, H4, or FAQs section.

This strategy is great for how to rank higher in Google search specifically on the first page, even though your actual website might be on the second page.


Seven Peaks Software

Rankbrain is a machine learning algorithm that Google introduced in 2015. It has revolutionized search ranking and is the third Google search ranking factor. Recently, Rankbrain has gone through some refinement and we believe digital marketers should take a look at these changes and optimize for them.

Therefore, to understand how to rank higher in Google search, you have to understand Google’s Rankbrain. This machine learning is able to:

  • Understand search queries
  • Measure people’s satisfaction with the search result (User satisfaction)

What each of these means is that, unlike before when Google would show you web pages that contain the exact keywords you type into the search engine, now Rankbrain can actually understand what you as a human are trying to say. From that, it would match you to a search result that is 100% accurate.

As for user satisfaction, RankBrain can see which web page on the search result receives the highest dwell time and conversely, which receives the highest bounce rate. With that information, Rankbrain pushes pages with the most dwell time to the top of the SERPs and drag the ones that are less relatable to the bottom of the search result.

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Search democratization

Websites have been depending on domain authority for years in optimizing their ranking. However, recently, it has become less and less important. Don’t be discouraged, authority is still an essential ranking factor.

But search is becoming a more democratic space and depending on authority and backlinks alone will not cut it. Therefore, it would be smart to incorporate this news into your 2022 SEO strategy to rank higher without needing a high authority domain.

AI-generated content

In the previous year, the development of GPT-3 by OpenAI has truly pushed machine learning’s involvement in digital marketing to a whole new dimension.

It’s being used to write stories, share knowledge, and news, and even answer medical inquiries.

With the UK Press Association has used AI to write over 300,000 local news, we believe that the future is bright for utilizing AI to boost your content quality.

However, Google webmasters mentioned that automated content goes against the guidelines and actions will be taken if Google catches you.

On top of that, Google went on to say that AI tools should be utilized to aid in the content-making process to provide efficiency but never to replace human creativity entirely.

By the way, Overusing AI to create content will just make the content sound less human and increase your chance of Google flagging you.

Rich snippets and schema markup

seven peaks software- rich snippets

Rich snippets are the additional information that show up in the meta description in the SERP. They are generated from structured data.

Although Google said that rich and structured data are not Google’s ranking factors, it makes the result look more interesting and actually helps to boost organic CTR.

These rich snippets can be:

  • Reviews
  • Ratings
  • Thumbnail images
  • Product markup
  • Events

In order for these snippets to show up on the SERP, you will have to utilize Schema Markup for Google to identify which information belongs in the rich snippet. This is also convenient for Google to tell what type of content you are putting out.

2022 SEO strategy

Core web vitals can be improved by optimizing:

Question-format keywords in your H2, H3, and H4 help you to rank for ‘People also asked’

Medium-tailed keywords help Rankbrain to automatically ranks you for it and other keywords

The search democratization is here so that beginner websites can take advantage of and produce more quality content.

Utilize AI to assist in content idea generation only.

Enrich your data to allow for rich snippets.

The bottom line

SEO trends change every year due to Google’s algorithm. It would give websites a competitive edge if they know about the 2022 SEO trends to watch out for.

With that said, we hope that these 6 SEO trends and SEO strategies mentioned above can answer your question on how to rank higher in Google search.

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