How to boost local SEO with the right ranking signals

SEO Marketing

First of all, what is SEO Marketing?

SEO stands for search-engine-optimization. In simple terms, it is making your content rank higher up the list on a search results page of search engines (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo etc.) And SEO marketing is using strategies, tactics and techniques to successfully increase traffic through higher-rankings on search results. In this guide, we will be going through how to boost your local SEO with the right local SEO ranking signals.

And what is local SEO?

Local SEO is the search-engine-optimization strategies applied in your local city and within a 25-mile radius.

What is the main goal of a search engine?

It is to provide the most accurate search results based on the search query at the fastest time possible.

How does a local-search work?

A local search works by having a search engine like Google know clearly where you are so that Google will tailor your search results based in your area for local relevance only. This is detected through your local IP (internet provider) addresses, but won’t work if you’re using a VPN based at another location of course.

Now with all that being said, let’s move onto the factors of how to boost local SEO along with the kinds of local SEO ranking signals.

NAP Citations

NAP stands for Name, Address, Phone. This simply means that your NAP must match and be exactly the same on every online channel you’re on. This improves your credibility for Google by having consistent and reliable contact details throughout the web.

Presence on Google My Business listing

Get your business on Google My Business (GMB)! This is how you establish a strong presence on Google. Make sure to build a review program and post photos and content on GMB often. Google ranks pages based on authentic and quality reviews; quality of reviews is more superior to quantity here. This is also where you can track insights on how your business is performing on Google.

Use the right keywords

Know what keywords are trending in your local area. A tip here would be to simply use Google’s autocomplete tool by typing up a few keywords into Google and see which keyword sentences come up first!

This is Google’s data telling you which are the hottest words that people are typing into Google right now within your local area.

Tailor the content that you put out there to the current trending keywords. Use relevant, highly-searched and low-competition keywords which are all vital to SEO marketing success.

Positive sentiment of online reviews

Search engines, like Google, are always searching for what is called a “positive sentiment”. This basically means a positive image or vibe that your brand has online. To have a positive sentiment, you need positive reviews.

The question is, how do you get more positive reviews? The most straight-forward answer will come down to the kind of service that you provide along with how customer-centric your customer feels when they interact with your brand.

If you get negative reviews, use it as a learning curve. In this digital era, reputation is crucial when you want to manage your reviews. Seek how to improve from this for future purposes as you turn-around and get more positive reviews; this will push the negative reviews to the bottom on average of more positive reviews.

When your page has a more positive sentiment or a positive vibe, search engines will rank you better in local SEO.

The number of check-ins at that location

Check-ins are simply a tool to showcase a validation signal for your geographic location through the internet and social media. Facebook and Foursquare are the biggest platform examples that allow users to perform Check-ins. Check-ins are also a good way to improve your local SEO.

To leverage the use of Check-ins, you will need to create a Facebook or Foursquare business page and enable the Check-in option for users by adding your business address. Make sure to encourage your customers to Check-in to your business address by offering incentives such as a coupon or a discount from your business.

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Shares on social media

First things first, Google does not consider social media interactions (such as likes, comments, shares) in web page rankings. However, social media interactions can help your business stand out from the crowd – which is a local SEO ranking factor.

The more people interact and talk about your brand’s products and services online, the higher the chances of your social media content being shared and getting out there to your audiences. The question that you should bear in mind here is how to create engaging content that will boost your online exposure.

Google Maps star rating

Why are reviews so important again? Because Google uses reviews to rank local businesses as they see your customers to be a more reliable source of information than your website. Reviews are basically a form of online social proof. Google does this to make sure that searchers are getting the best and most reliable search results with the best reviews so that searchers don’t get suggested to unreliable or bad results, as this would make Google look unreliable themselves.

It is important to note that both Google reviews and Google Map ratings are key to boosting your local SEO marketing. Quantity, diversity and quality of your Google reviews determine your localized ranking.


Why having a positive local presence on search engines is important

Once you have your business set-up on Google or on other similar search engines, make sure to be actively monitoring it by posting photos and updates regularly.

Create a review program to collect positive reviews from happy customers. Rank for the trending keywords that are being well-searched for in your area.

Focus on the digital marketing trends happening within your city and focus on what your customers may be looking for. Be the local helping-hand which tells your customer that they are in the right place to get what they came for.

Through performing all of these practices, you will be on your way to knowing how to boost local SEO to rank higher on search engines in your area.

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