How does CSR benefit the community?

A case study from Seven Peaks Software

How does CSR benefit the community? In this case study, we are going to see an example of Seven Peaks Software’s social responsibility initiatives with the Kharma Family, and the impact they created for the community.

At Seven Peaks Software, we’re playing our part in empowering communities, building a sustainable future, and developing an inclusive multi-cultural workplace to create a better, brighter world for others. Our corporate social responsibility actions in Thailand have a lasting impact to inspire the people of today to become the builders of tomorrow.

About The Kharma Family (KFAM)

Discover how KFAM empowers Thailand’s youth.

Nion Sunpawishu, the co-founder of The Kharma Family, highlights a rich history of supporting children in need within Thailand’s most disadvantaged areas.

Nine years ago, Nion co-founded the Kharma Foundation to work all around Thailand on a range of different projects to develop the lives of Thai youth – improving their chances in life.

Nion’s vision, alongside the enthusiasm of volunteers, has seen KFAM’s succeeding projects to produce real positive changes to many young people’s lives.

While KFAM is constantly keeping up its good work, it was started up to authorize the volunteers to specialize in annual projects to determine positive changes to the lives of children.

2015-2017, Kharma Family assisted children in Thailand’s troubled southern provinces, now they are looking at other areas of Thailand where more positive changes can be made.

KFAM’s vision is to believe in other’s goodwill, donations, and diligence to assist others at the best of their ability.

Fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility with Seven Peaks Software

“In 2019, we continued our second corporate social responsibility (CSR) practice and it was indeed a truly special and enjoyable experience – remembering the happy faces all around.

We started the first CSR activity to interact and play with the children within the community. I learned from these young children the importance of support, from families as well as outside communities, and how much of a great impact it can make to develop the lives of the youth in rural areas.

I learned that if we all help each other, people will work together and co-operate better for greater well-being, education, and eventually a better future career for these young people.

The troubling reality is that these children had a poor level of education, with little financial resources, mainly due to living remotely away from towns or cities.

Therefore, I would like to emphasize how important education and upbringing are important to these children. I know it’s difficult for them to travel and commute out of their home areas to go to better schools, or to work. However, I do believe there are still possible areas to improve these standards, regardless of where you live.

Different to myself and most of us – we are living in cities, we have almost everything we need. But, when I met these children and their families, they showed us that they don’t have a lot of the things that they need – having just a sufficient house, with no electricity.

This is concerning because they live up in the north of Thailand and it can get cold up there during certain seasons. This proves that it is not so easy for these people to live up there, and they’ll need most of the support that they could get from others.

To wrap up, I still do not think these children, their families, and also a lot of people in the rural areas of Thailand are getting the support they need.

For us, when we have most of the things we need, we tend to want more and continue looking for more. However, when we compare our needs to these kids up in these rural areas, you know it is a completely different kind of need for them.

If you have enough food and a healthy family, those are already the most important things you can have in your life. Instead of looking for more material needs, let’s think of how we can help those who need life-changing support to help them get through their struggles.

CSR can be done as a team with other like-minded people. I am happy to have helped initiate this CSR activity with Seven Peaks Software and The Kharma Family along with other amazing people.”

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Seven Peaks Software’s CSR Timeline


Another fruitful experience as team members of Seven Peaks Software had the honor of sponsoring and volunteering at Kharma Family’s four-day charity event in Omkoi District, Chiang Mai, to further support the communities in need.

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To help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 during 2021, we decided to volunteer virtually through distributing our donations and goods to rural areas in Thailand – allowing us to support alongside KFAM with minimal human contact.

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