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Knowing your UI UX designer career path

UI UX designer career path: UX career titles

When discovering your UI UX designer career path, it’s important to know that today’s job titles of UX designers are now more varied as they were in past studies from years back, as it now reported that there are much more unique job titles associated with UX than before. Likewise, the backgrounds of UX professionals are still as diverse as they were previously.

Industries who are hiring UX practitioners/designers in most cases are also providing IT and software services, followed by finance and insurance services, and also consulting agencies. There has been a large increase in the amount of workforce being done on mobile applications since the past, and a few UX practitioners are now performing on AI products as well.

Soft skills are still one of the most important skill-sets in gaining employment within the UX field and succeeding in it. While hard skills are desirable, hiring managers and UX professionals see soft skills as a core requirement for a career within the UX field. We will cover more on these points below to help you discover the UI UX designer career path that’s right for you.

About UX professionals

For the majority of UX professionals; career satisfaction got a uniform rating of 5.4 on a 1–7 scale (1 was completely dissatisfied, and 7 was completely satisfied). The comments around career satisfaction were grouped into these main reasons below on why people love their career in UX:

  • Enjoying the methodology of the work
  • Being able to see the impact of their work
  • Receiving recognition for his/her work
  • Having the opportunities to grow and excel

UX careers around the world

Since 2012/2013, UX has emerged as a field in more countries around the world than ever at well over 65 different countries as opposed to previously just 30 countries.

Studies report that UX professionals had a bigger representation of non-English speaking countries, which might be an indicator of how the UX field has grown outside of the Western world over the past few years.

This also gives us an indication that the UX field will continue to grow to more countries across the globe and more people across the world will soon be understanding the concept of UX.

Knowing the designer role as a guide for your UI UX designer career path

Those with a UX designer role often have a broad range of responsibilities: from designing prototypes to collaborating with subject-matter experts or completing qualitative usability tests.

Designers tend to possess a design-related education and have skills in using prototyping tools and performing both visual & interaction design. Many also tend to have front-end–coding skills too. A survey respondent had this to mention about working as UX designer.

“The role of UX designer may be a dream job for creative people that like to invent and obtain products into people’s hands. Within the best environments, it’s pure creativity and invention, which is usually unattainable with the other role.” – Nielsen Norman Group

Transitioning into a UX career

Our research also explored the experience of individuals transitioning into a career in UX from different fields. Since this field growing fast, anyone who is curious about and is suited to the sector can be employed in the UX field.

A good number of current UX professionals had previous careers before transitioning to UX. Their experience and knowledge of other fields, they believed, were helpful in stepping into the UX field and in being capable and effective in their roles.

Building a career out of UX design

Some UX designers, even before they learnt about the the work of UX design, did freelance work before joining to work at companies. They then worked to convince clients to do solid research first instead of diving straight into design.

Through conducting research and understanding the client’s needs, these designers were able to transition from graphic designers to product designers and UX designers with the experience of previously performing user-centered design work.

In some cases, it’s possible to slowly start doing UX at your organization without having to go away and find a replacement job. Several current UX designers had this sort of transition, and it’s probably a wise strategy as there’s less of a requirement to prove your experience for the role.


Discovering the right UI UX designer career path for you

Continue learning and stay curious. Always continue to be actively learning. Grow your skills through reading, asking questions, and applying concepts to your own work.

Respect others. There’s no room in UX for an big ego and a lack of respect. Having the ability to concentrate, collaborate, and appreciate others and their roles are incredibly important traits of a successful UX professional.

Be confident, because low confidence can get within the way of voicing your point of view, and should impact the power to advocate best for users. Also don’t be afraid to ask silly questions, because the wildest ideas can pay off in UX design.

Be responsible of your own career. Having a career in UX isn’t always perfectly defined and UX professionals need to think about their strengths and weaknesses in order to be motivated for their own career progression into their own hands.

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