In need of faster software development while lowering costs?

Learn how to adopt the learn, build, and measure model to speed up your product development process and avoid developing features that you don’t need.

In need of faster software

The Validated Learning Loop

Agile projects have a 64% success rate, while projects under the waterfall methodology only have a 49% success rate

Employing the validated learning loop to your product development process has clear advantages including:

Front End Development

Faster development

Allows for greater focus for your product to progress towards the release state faster.

Measure & Learn

Action-based metrics

Learning from measurable data to ensure the final product aligns closely to the user’s needs.


Lower costs

Greater learning results in more efficient development, resulting in less time & resources spent throughout your product development journey.

Market Research

Agile methodology

Encourages and adopts agile working with rapid development, allowing for greater flexibility as an organization.

How and why is all this important in software development?

The validated learning loop is an important strategy to showing progress towards business goals when other common key performance indicators become less useful.