The Digital Marketing Internship Experience I will never forget

Digital Marketing Internship

You know how the saying goes… 

Time flies when you are having fun!” 

Well, that has been my experience as a Digital Marketing Intern here, at Seven Peaks Software for the past five months. Fun!

An internship experience I’ll never forget and let me tell you why… 

Hi there, I’m Athene 🙂

I am an undergraduate student currently in my last semester majoring in Communication Arts at Bangkok University International. In this article, I will be going over things I think you’ll find interesting and possibly want to hear more about, for those of you who are looking to apply for a digital marketing internship here at Seven Peaks Software. 

How the digital marketing internship started…

Thanks to a friend, Dino, who have worked here at the time for introducing Seven Peaks Software. He recommended me to apply for this internship position, Digital Marketing, which led to the starting point of my career. I had the chance, and privilege to be able to join such an amazing company. Having the opportunity to learn and improve my marketing skills in a hands-on experience in such a short period of time.

The Environment at Seven Peaks

It was pretty nerve-wracking meeting all these new people when I first started interning here, especially professionals who have been in the industry for some time. Then there’s me, an outsider who has never studied anything related to software development before. 

However, that didn’t stop them from greeting me with the warmest welcome and making me feel like I was part of the pack. I was greeted with open arms, and that was a start!

This was the moment I have been waiting for, to be able to work in such a professional setting for a company. Every day, there’s something to look forward to before coming into the office. Everyone plays their part, works hard, and is either in front of the screen on their desk with multiple taps open or in a meeting room working on a project. 

Having the chance to witness that helps pushes me to do the same, to try harder, and deliver at the end of the day. Being able to see this one big team come together, always communicating and executing their tasks accordingly, makes it very comforting in a way. I’d expect nothing less from a professional company.

Daily Task and Responsibilities

During my first month here, we mostly focused on the basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization (on topics that people are currently searching about). Also, I learned about how to incorporate that when writing blogs, articles, and content that will help us reach our target groups. 

SEO and content marketing duties

In less than one month, I am happy to announce I have received a certificate for my SEO Accelerated Course and so can you!

Once I received my certificate, it was time to put those knowledge into action. First, Seven Peaks Software asked me to write a few articles that would be posted on their website. During this stage, I was able to try out some of the more widely utilized software throughout my work, such as Hootsuite and WordPress. I was also assigned to work on a few captions to posts on our social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to promote the articles. 

Event hosting

When we’re talking about events, I’ve also had the chance to meet other great developers from a variety of companies at events held in the Seven Peaks office. Since Covid had taken that away from us for so long, the company came back stronger than ever, hosting events up to 2-4 times a month. Once I realized the company’s success and the love they have for hosting events. 

You can take a look at some event that may interest you here

I fell in love with the idea as well and wanted to be a part of the team so bad I couldn’t stop myself from asking them to include me in any upcoming events that need to be advertised (both internal and external). I fell in love with being part of this family that I had asked to extend my internship for another month when originally I was supposed to be done in April. 

The lovely Team

I couldn’t ask for a better team to be in. Each member has their uniqueness, talents, and passion for what they do, which is very admirable I might add. Along the way, I had a helping hand from my mentors, Bo, Jason, and Chan who have taught me so much. I am forever grateful for the time and knowledge that they have given me.

My biggest praise for working here is not because of all the parties, gatherings, or Friday bars we have within the company. My biggest praise is being acknowledged by all these senior, junior-level executives. They all make me feel like my opinions do matter, and that I am being heard. 

As well as the chance to try out different areas. They’re not stepping over your head or making you feel worse for any mistakes you may have caused, but rather they sit there and talk to you about how you can further improve or fix it. They want to see me accomplish and that is rare to come by based on my experience. Because at the end of the day we all have the same goal, and that is to build this company together. 

In Conclusion

In what feels like such a short period of time, I’ve learned far beyond my expectations and evolved into a better version of myself. All thanks to the people of Seven Peaks Software for being so welcoming and supportive of my personal development. Thank you again, for the fun and exciting internship experience I’ll never forget!

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