Branding Blogs

From starting a company named Apphuset in Bergen, Norway, to establishing Seven Peaks Software in Bangkok, Thailand. Jostein Aksnes (CEO), Roy Ivar Moe (CTO), and Leiv Fasmer (Partner) collaborated to set up a software development company in Asia, with Apphuset being one of our first dedicated team clients. Fast forward to today and Seven Peaks Software branding is now a fast-growing international software and design company in Bangkok with over 65+ industry professionals from 17 different countries. We even re-branded ourselves, through officially changing our name and company logo after moving into a new office. Which you read all about in the branding blogs below. Seven Peaks Software started with just software engineers, and we are proud to say we are an engineering first company. Our executive management team are all expert software engineers, with extensive experience in building enterprise software internationally. Seven Peaks Software is now one of the leading design and software development agencies in Bangkok which has been established as a trusted technology partner with many well-established enterprise clients in both Thailand and around the world. Read the branding blogs below to learn about our re-branding story, or learn more about the company history.