Building a modern web interface that streamlines operations and minimizes risk

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Jun 28, 2023 4:59:42 PM



Creating a web-based user interface for a large oil & gas firm that significantly reduces failure rate

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Oil & Gas


Extension Team


UX and visual design

Scalable dedicated team


 Design as of 2018 with further updates & ongoing development in progress.
Sekal UX UI Design case study


The web-based solution provides support and guidelines for the drill operator and minimizes failure rate. Smart animations and thoughtful design are essential for a good tool.



The user interface in the solution is designed to be very clear – providing both visual alerts and audible alerts when approaching an object at excessive speed.

About Sekal

Sekal is an international technology company that offers a very thorough software management system, with expertise in direct dynamic monitoring and integrated automated drilling process in the oil and gas industry.

Industry: Oil & Gas
Project: Web
Client: Sekal
Working model: Extension team